Words: Erin Belair
Photos: Giovani Angelone


Far away and overseas on the idyllic Italian coast our friend Matteo passes his days in a kind of blissful purpose that we not only admire, but also seriously envy. We spent some time chatting with him about the finer things in life, what makes a good wave, and his recent adventure through California with his girlfriend. We didn’t even know it was possible but his opinions on our home state, make us fall in love with it even more.


For those of us who are just meeting you, what are three must know things to know Matteo?
Matteo is an Italian guy and, like every other Italian, loves pizza, pasta, girls, cars and motorcycles. I also like the California way of life so much, its landscapes, its people and above all its waves. Another thing I love is sliding on the water with every type of craft.


Where is home and what do you fill your days with?
My home is in Riccione, a small beach city on the East coast of Italy, about 200 km south of Venice. When there's no waves, I enjoy myself shaping new boards for me and my friends or having a ride in the countryside with my motorcycle.

You recently came and visited us in California, where did you go?
I came with my girlfriend Sara and we spent most of our time on the coastline from Santa Barbara to San Diego, stopping here and there in some places we've never been before in our previous trips, like the Hearst Castle and Joshua Tree National Park. We also went to a Lakers game and it was such a cool experience!


What waves did you surf?
I surfed so many waves, a little bit far north I surfed Rincon and C-Street, then I surfed Malibu once. Coming back south, O-side, Swami's and Cardiff. But I spent most of the time in Orange County, especially in San'O and Church. I really love Church, it's my favourite wave!!!


What surprised you the most?
It was the 6th time in the golden state, but the thing how surprise me was, every time I come there are something new, something different, something I never see before. I think is for that I still coming back always to California.


What RAEN's do you rock?
The Remmy’s are my favourite!!! Can't go out without them!


What can you not live without?
I can't live without the sea.


If you had a theme song what would it be?


Cats or dogs?


Longboard or short?
Every type of boards.


Favorite wave ever?
My home spot in Riccione. When the swell comes with the best direction and size, and the banks are good, waves are really insane! Plus, you know, surfing at home with your friends is always the best!!!!


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