A curation of photographs #ThroughTheEyes of Zak Bush.

1. Just Mikey DeTemple and the birds, no other humans in the line-up this day. 

2. I shot this while drinking a bottle of wine with Heather Lilleston on the beach one summer night. Mikey DeTemple had just bought the single fin he's riding at a garage sale.

3. NYC and basketball go hand in hand. This one's from 72 stories up. 

4. From my friend Renato's roof in Bed-Stuy. The NYC skyline has so many faces.

5. Lee doesn't have instagram, if he did he'd be tagged a lot. From our trip to Nicaragua last year with some of my best friends.

6. Perfect little sliders in Montauk. @mikeydetemple

7. The road less traveled in Nicaragua #throughtheeyes of a '90 Toyota

8. Isn't it weird that bikini bottoms and a-frames have the same shape?

9. Mikey DeTemple & Alek Parker on the Nica trip. This was Mikey's bachelor party, 5 days of perfect surf.

10. The dreamy curves of New Jersey.

11. The Freedom Tower framed by Soho Streets.

12. Mikey DeTemple at home in Montauk.

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