We caught up with Casey and Jessica Kwiecinski last week and had them send us whats been on their minds. Here's what we got back...


How do people not fall in love with everything around them? There are too many places and too many people to not fall in love with everyone and everything. We're left with so little time. Sometimes I think Ive fallen too hard for life. For my coffee in the morning and my extra ten minutes of sleep. For soup on a cold day and sunsets of cotton candy clouds. The stars that are bright at night & the way laughter can cure any harm. For moments and places like this, in the middle of nowhere but in the middle of everything. We fall for things that contradict one another, like rainy days spent watching movies and bright days spent laying in the sand. For silence and for words. For the brightest sun and the darkest night. Some believe I am full of empty syllables and meaningless letters and words thrown into sentences. Words are survival over resistance, as if the intensity in which I feel suffocating my heart is transformed into the oxygen keeping me alive. And how can we not fall in love with everyone and everything? For the simple smile we each hold and the beauty each destination shows, how can we not fall too hard? The problem with a good book [our own life] is that we want to rush to see how it ends, but we don't want to finish the book. And we have plenty of time to fall in love with everyone and everything. 


Words by Casey Kwiecinski 

Photos by Chris Delorenzo


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