Meet Alec Castillo, a 21 year old living in the beautiful mountains of Boone, NC. Here's a selection of his photos from his first cohesive series he started last year about familiarity with friends and life. This continuous series focuses on the relationships and intimacies Alex and his friend's share and the emotions that are encompassed. Check out his interests and when his band will be playing:

I study Studio Art at Appalachian State University.  I picked up photography when I was 14 and mostly just shot skateboarding and whatever my friends and I were into at the time. I started taking it seriously when I got to school and started finding inspiration from new friends I made, the mountains, and then rock and roll put a dent in my life.  Other photographers that I’m inspired by are Ryan Kenny, Cole Barash, Mike Brodie, Ryan McGinley, Sandy Kim, Bryan Derballa, Larry Clark, Phillip Montgomery, and Mike Belleme, whom I recently started an assistant job with.

I play bass guitar in a band called The Nude Party.  Most of my band mates and I knew each other from a young age.  We met our singer and percussionist my freshman year of college and we eventually all became close.  The summer after our first year of school we all lived in my lake house together.  We thought it would be cool to start a band.  Half of us, including myself, didn’t really have any musical experience so our first jam sessions were mostly shitty covers of Booker T and the MGs “Green Onions” and The Stones.  We would have parties where you had to come naked and we would booze up and play music all night.  We started playing basement shows at school once we had enough songs for our first EP and we tried to bring that idea of having naked parties at our shows.  We released our first album, Forbidden Fruits, last August.  Ever since then we’ve been taking it seriously and trying to play as much as possible.  The past year we’ve played with The Districts, The Oblivians, All Them Witches, Monophonics, an after party show for The Black Lips and we have an upcoming show with the Growlers (June 10th).  This summer we’re going on our first tour June 25th- July 10th

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