We are so often fed creatively by the place we decide to call home. How we spend our days seeps into our being, the coffee shop on the corner, your home break, the change of the air in your neighborhood come winter. All of this works as the construction of who you are and what you make. This is our lovely chat with Margaux Arramon on living the simple life in Basque country, the change of seasons, and how her art is born from inspiration, and her inspiration from her surroundings.

What does home currently look and feel like?

Home feels empty but full at the same time, the crowds have left and winter lets the swell and cold breeze slowly take their place. It feels overwhelming, but yet comfortable. This week is the transition between summer and winter and it sure feels different than the last few months.

How does a "regular" day play out for you?

There are two kind of days, lazy mornings or early dawn patrols. The difference between these two will plan the whole day. Days are simple here in basque country. Life is simple. I live in a small village called Bidart. It is a street and a few reef breaks around, there is a bakery, a few old people, and a beautiful view, loads to do but also not enough! When the surf is good though there is always loads to do!

Where is your favorite place on earth?

Wherever I feel good and careless. Usually it happens on a good surf day . 

How does drawing happen for you, a particular place you sit, music you list to, tea you drink?

Mostly inspiration! I would say music does a good job as well... but art and creativeness in general happens with inspiration. If not I lack of motivation and imagination. Inspiration can be found with people, places, experiences, galleries, art knowledge, and love.

If your life had a soundtrack what would the first three songs on it be?


Do you have any upcoming trips or adventures you are looking forward to?

Maybe move from home for a little while (: 

What few things are at the top of your packing list?

MAKE IT WORK and then the rest follows! I want to focus more and my art and give myself some challenges in the next growing years. 

You grew up in a lovely place, what do you carry with you from your childhood?

My love for good foods and simple living. I have learned a lot here and I try to give to people from it. We live a pretty average simple life here in basque country and that’s what makes us appreciate little things and discover others with big ears and big eyes. Always learn from people and always give to the unknown . 

How do you take your coffee?

I don't drink coffee (; 

Which pair of RAEN sunnies are your go-to?

I have a crush for the REMMY.

— — —

Photos #ThroughTheEyes of Sarah Segalla

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