At the end of the month, RAEN Ambassador and master lensman Woody Gooch is going to be showing photos as part of an exhibit at The Slow. At the “ripe” age of 22 years old, Woody is well on his way to having a gangbuster of a career and will be showcasing a wide variety of images with inspiration from the ocean.

The Slow is a “multifaceted island stay” located in Canggu, Bali, which features a multitude of luxurious accommodations including a contemporary restaurant, locally-sourced suites, and the aforementioned art gallery which will be host to Woody’s show.

Opening night of the exhibit is May, 31st located in Room 13 at The Slow. The event will house a live DJ set by Reverberation Radio, the internet-playlist aficionados who also happen to make up part of the band Allah-Las. For more info on The Slow and the amazing experiences the institution has to offer check our their website,

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