RAEN uses Carl Zeiss Vision CR-39 polarized lenses in our polarized sunglasses to offer superior optical clarity. Unlike standard sun lenses, our CR-39 polarized lenses work by blocking out glare transmitted through horizontally vibrating light waves from reflective surfaces including water, asphalt, car hoods and snow. The result is near perfect visibility and clarity.

To produce our CR-39 polarized lenses, a special polarizing film is sandwiched between two CR-39 hard resin lenses in a process called casting. This polarizing film is the part of the lens that blocks out the horizontally vibrating light waves. The casting process used in our CR-39 polarized lenses eliminates the possibility of bonding delamination, which is a common problem with most other CR-39 polarized lenses. Lastly, a hard coating layer is applied to both sides of the lens for ultimate scratch resistance. 

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