We've all thought about packing up and moving somewhere tropical to get away from the nine-to-five grind... Well our friend Kaycee Landsaw and his wife skipped town to move south to Costa Rica. This is their story. 


My wife and I decided to trade in our pines for palms and move to Costa Rica for a few months to let life slow down for a little bit and experience things in a new way. It has been an amazing experience to say the least. Being fair weather creatures, we were pretty hot on the idea of skipping out on winter. Turns out it was a great winter to miss out on too. From what we have heard, it sounds like Salt Lake City is getting pounded with snow this year. 

We have been living down here since the first of November and will be here through the end of January. Life has been amazing and extremely simple. The little town we are living in is called Esterillos Oeste. It's a one store, two restaurant town with some of the best surf you will find in CR. We shop from the little corner store, buy tamales from a Tico homie named Mau, and surf every day. We don't have much to complain about. 

There is a saying that you will undoubtedly hear a thousand times here in Costa Rica, "Pura Vida," meaning pure life. I feel like each day here has lived up to that saying one hundred fold. Most of our time has been spent cruising dirt roads, surfing perfect waves, swimming in cool waterfalls, zip lining through the jungle, chasing off giant iguanas, and exploring new volcanoes. What more could you possibly ask for?