Meet Jordy Maxwell (@gordy______), #366DaysOfSummer Day 83 winner. He’s a 27-year-old electrician from nine to five, and an inspiring photographer any chance he can get his hands on his camera.

“I'm heavily influenced by artistic, cropped, unsaturated images,” says Jordy, “I love the mood it creates and the beauty in finding something the eye doesn't necessarily see. Woody Gooch has been a real influence.

“I live in Perth, Western Australia, 45mins to an hour away from any beach and most of the time it’s not as good as it should be. I often travel down to Margaret River and Yallingup on my weekends when I finish work. I camp in my van wherever I feel like it and bring my dog along as well. There’s always something beautiful about the rugged, fresh, raw coastline of southern Western Australia. Without a doubt, there’s nothing better than having the summer breeze flow through my van under the stars with no one else around. My nights are lit by the stars and candles (to keep mosquitos away).

“I just really want to save up to travel to Indonesia each year to live simply and surf all day. I am engulfed in the style of surfing and love the flow and beauty of trimming down the line on a single fin. There’s a feeling so elegant and graceful on a single fin that I can’t find anywhere else.”

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#ThroughTheEyes of Jordy Maxwell

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