Words & Photos: Jack Antal

There is certain value and freedom in the idea of the weekend. Rushing around, completing to-do lists, working, going to class, taking care of all the bullshit… It all makes the weekend so much sweeter, especially when Highway 1, San Francisco and Monterey are on the menu. We started on the 101 from San Luis Obispo and headed North towards San Francisco. After miles of farmland, pouring rain and jamming music, we arrived in San Francisco and decided to head to the Golden Gate Bridge. We watched the falling sun blow up the city sky with colors, hues, and a welcoming feeling of the weekend. Our plan was to stay in the city for that night, the whole day after, and then leave for Monterey the next day. Other than that, our plan was to have no plan at all. So, we woke up the following day and started exploring city streets, devouring pastries at sidewalk cafes, shooting photos, and adventuring around the city with no sure agenda. We ping-ponged down the Haight and Ashbury area for hours, examining natives and visitors of one of the most diverse cities in the country. To top off the busy day, we got dinner at a Korean/Japanese eatery, went out for a fancy Valentine cocktail, and called it a night. But the adventure was not over. In fact, it felt like it had just begun. Sunday consisted of a sunny coastal cruise down Highway 1. We stopped at an old, abandoned cold war lookout tower just south of Pacifica. We explored the old ruins, evaded a parking ticket, took some photos, and were on our way. Santa Cruz was our boardwalk lunch destination which was followed by a short drive down to Monterey Bay for a brief aquarium visit. After the Monterey stop, we scooted back to San Luis Obispo and said goodbye to the weekend. Adventure is defined as a wild and exciting undertaking. Whether it be a year-long world travel, a day escaping work, or a weekend away with a loved one, adventure is a feeling, a passion, and always a valuable experience. Sometimes it’s important and quite refreshing to put down the social media and see the world through your own eyes. 

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