The need for the open is road is as real a need as anything we’ve ever experienced. It eats away at you if you don’t listen to its calling. John Muir and The Romantics were onto something, we are replenished and set forth on the world again by time spent in nature.

Colin and friends Bronte and Chris, all wedged in and out of school semesters, knew all too well about this need. Colin and Bronte set out from San Diego pointed due north with the best kind of plan, which was more of an idea than a plan. With the freedom to go where ever you choose, camp where you are moved to do so, and skip town when the time is right, you open yourself to the possibilities and strangeness this sort of travel should have.

They stopped in: Salt Lake, Glacier, Calgary, Banff, Jasper, Whistler, Vancouver, Olympic, Gig Harbor, Portland, Multnomah Falls, Crater Lake, Bend, Tahoe, Angora Lake, Mammoth, and finally Wild Willy’s hot springs to round out one of the greatest road trip routes on this side of the Mississippi.

They were seeking something unfamiliar: the life and the road outside of the regular places they held in the world. Sometimes we have to be dislodged for a little while. On the way they found early morning foggy banks and riverside coffee, roadside diners, curled up campsites, backdrops of mountains that make you feel miniscule, lakes that mirror the world you’ve walked into. They found all of that and circled back home again, taking a little bit of it back into the lives they left on pause while they were gone. 

#ThroughTheEyes of Colin Page

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