Spanish photographer Carles Medina recently took a ten day jaunt to Japan with Cristina Gonzalez, and we've been having daydreams from his split screen images. The pair rented a car and drove all over the island, traversing and exploring from the busy streets, to the silent and wonderous spaces between.

They spent a couple days in Tokyo wandering the streets and absorbing the inspiration, eating insanely fresh fish at the Tsukiji Market, and of course singing karaoke.

They headed for the coast and were met with a lack of surf, so they kept moving onward in search of good times. They ended up at a family friend's house in Nagoya where they turned to a more mellow frequency, sipping tea and having an authentic Japanese bath.

Kyoto was their last stop, a more traditional and quieter place where they visited temples, the bamboo forest, and an Onsen (public Japanese bath) tucked high into the mountains. Somewhere between these destinations, incredible meals, bone soaking baths, and vistas they captured these moments: poignant juxtapositions of both visitor and place.

#ThroughTheEyes of Carles Medina

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