Through the Eyes of Mikey DeTemple takes new shape as a series that provides a platform for artists, creatives, and free-thinkers to share intimate stories and experiences in hopes of inspiring others to spend more time doing the things they love most. Mikey DeTemple is a renowned filmmaker, photographer, professional surfer, and longtime RAEN ambassador. Mikey has a unique set of talents that allow him to capture people and moments in a way that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but incredibly genuine and true to the spirit of his subject.

Episode 2, Mikey shifts his lens to Lincoln Pilcher.

Lincoln Pilcher is an Australian born restauranteur and photographer. Residing in Montauk, he finds himself feeding and mingling with some of New York's finest. In Episode 2, we learn more about how Lincoln has consistently sought to create meaningful experiences for others through photography and his restaurants. His latest solo photo exhibition "White Shire" provides a closer look at how Lincoln makes use of things and spaces, in unique fashion – attuned to ideas that are unburdened by existing social models.


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