Ambassador Ford Archbold exudes the dreamy California lifestyle we all want to live: making music, creating art, and chasing waves up and down the coast with his trusty old van. It’s a world filled with creativity and vibrant expression - all done in a way purely original to Ford. Find out what he’s up to below and enjoy a day in the life of Ford. 

What's the inspiration behind your artwork lately?

My inspiration behind my artwork lately is a lot of everything and anything I can catch my eyes on. A lot from nature colors, nature patterns, and nature perspectives. I am also interested in abstracting the human form.

Favorite RAEN frames at the moment?

My favorite shades right now are some of the new Lux Wig frames - and I like the new Mikey February ones.

What fun/different boards are you riding right now?

I haven’t been riding many different boards. I’ve had the same board for like the last year and it works well. I’m more about the person doing the things on the way rather than the board lately, if that makes sense.

What's next for you as an artist and musician?

For the near future, I am just painting every day, surfing locally. and writing songs at home on my one track tape recorder. Overall expanding my ideas in every aspect of life and also trying to learn as much as I can.