RAEN team ambassador Kassia Meador has finally launched her proclaimed wetsuit line, Kassia Surf. These suits are made by women for women and have the coolest space-tastic prints ever.

We got to chatting with Kass about the line and found out its probably the coolest thing you can wear in the ocean... 

Can you tell us why you started your own wetsuit line?

It was time for something new and fresh. It was time to take what I had learned working with wetsuits the past 7 years and to not hold back anything to create the most visually dynamic, technically functional suit I possibly could for women by a woman. 


What are your top 4 goals for Kassia Surf?

To inspire, to bring to life all of the items I have always dreamed of for our beach loving lifestyle, to empower and create unfiltered.


What has starting this line taught you?

How little sleep it’s possible to run off hahaha...


Tell us what makes Kassia Surf unique from other brands?

I can’t really speak for other brands but what I can say, for us, is that everything is pure with KASSIA + SURF. There are no filters – we’re just making everything we want to make the way we want to make it. Focusing on quality, radness and pushing the limits for the women!!!


Where do you see Kassia Surf in the next 5 years?

I don’t have a crystal ball but I’m sure we will still be here making more epic creations. 


Describe the unique patterns found on the suits.

For our premier collection my inspiration was future retro. That’s how we created our space tie-dye pattern. 


What are your best words of advice to aspiring designers?

Don’t try to perfect it just get it out there then make another and another and another.... It’s about digesting your ideas and getting them out of your head and into the world creating more space for more ideas!!!


Where can one purchase a new Kassia Surf Suit? 

You can go online and get one off of our site www.kassiasurf.com or if you want to touch and feel it before you buy we will have a list of the stores we are in by the end of April when they hit the floors. 


What are your 3 favorite things to do in a wetsuit?

Surf, roll around in the sand, surf

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