Words: Dustin Strong

Not too often does a filmmaker continue to create simplistic, meaningful surf-inspired cinema in a consistent manner. Nathan Oldfield, the Australian-bred artist and family man, has just released the trailer for his next cinematic endeavor titled The Church of the Open Sky.

Nathan is known for the countless number of projects and collaborations under his feet all which fall under a category of filmmaking known by the term auteur. As an auteur, the style in which a director creates their films is frequently revisited and in some cases, one would know whose film they are watching without seeing the credits. This is especially true in Nathan’s case as his films are distinct and ooze thematic consistency.

The film was shot in a plethora of countries around the world including Australia, New Zealand, Papa New Guinea and Sri Lanka. Not only does Nathan feature some of the greatest alternative wave-sliders to ever grace the ocean’s surface such as Dave Rastovich and Neal Purchase Jr, it also follows RAEN’s very own Alex Knost who has been a subject in many of Nathan’s films in the past.

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