RAEN ambassador Kassia Meador is the definition of a California Dream. She is living a life full of her passions and inspiring everyone to do the same.

Kassia recently launched her wetsuit line, Kassia Surf. After designing wetsuits for a surf brand for seven years, she branched out and began creating with zero limitations. Kass has designed a quality collection of wetsuits with a unique blend of tye-dye and space-like patterns. She is  ultimately giving women the right away to go beyond their limits.

Beside that, Kass probably surfs more than most men, at least twice a day. She’s been surfing for 18 years and isn’t stopping anytime soon. Kass travels around the world, doing her moving mediation from coast to coast. She captures photos along the way, documenting her lifestyle in the sun’s light.

You can purchase your Kassia Surf Suit on kassiasurf.com or find a retailer near you. Check out Kassia’s photos and get inspired on her instagram @kassiasurf.

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Video #ThroughTheEyes of Bob Hoste

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