Teenage years: they go by fast but they are never forgotten. Our first kiss, first time sneaking out, first love, first lust, first job, and first car. We hang in parks, backyards, garages, beaches, freeway overpasses, and just about anywhere that an owner won't kick us out.  We eat junk food and even sneak in a couple of beers. It is a time of discovery, a time of figuring oneself out. And although school provides a commonplace for meeting some of our best friends, summer provides the canvas for which we shall paint a picture to always remember. We get lost, we get loose, and we have fun. As this summer starts wrapping itself up we urge you to make the most of what you have left. Kiss that girl you've wanted to, spend time with those who are moving away, go on adventures, take pictures, eat donuts, sleep in late, and make the absolute most of the final days of summer. Paint your picture. Through the eyes of Anais and Dax, featuring Arkin, Vista, and Convoy.

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