Hey, we all have different face shapes - but that doesn’t mean shopping for sunglasses should be hard. To make things easy, we put together a curated list of frames based around the shape and structure of your face, so whether you want round, square, or somewhere in between, we’ve got you covered. Check it out below and find the perfect fit without leaving your house.
Round shapes are pretty universal and flattering, but we recommend round sunglasses if you have a square, heart, or a diamond face shape. 
round face shape sunglasses for menround face sunglasses for women
Square / Rectangle
Got a soft jawline and curvier facial features? Square or rectangle frames add balance and dimension to those with round faces and wider cheeks.
Fashionable, glamorous, and fun. Cat-eye sunglasses work with a range of face shapes and will add flair to your style.
cat-eye sunglasses and rectangle sunglasses for men and women
A mix of round and angular, these hybrid frames have strong lines, sculpted silhouettes, and work on a range of face shapes.
unisex sunglass frames
One More Thing
There’s no rules behind what you can and can’t wear. These recommendations are by no means the only way to wear sunglasses on your face, so if a frame speaks to you, try it out and see where it takes you. Basically, the best fit is the one you’re happiest with. Happy shopping!
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