With some originally from Mexico and some from here in Los Angeles, these seven guys met in school and years later eventually started playing music together. With a psychedelic garage band sound, they’ve been playing all over the place from venues here in LA to Las Vegas and San Francisco. This untamed seven piece band consists of Tony Jimenez (rhythm guitar), Gio Jimenez (bass), Diego Prieto (keys and vocals), Marco Rocha (drums), Adolfo Canales (lead guitar), Jossef Virgen (vocals), and Carlos Precichi (rhythm guitar and vocals).


We talked to Tony and Carlos about going on tour, why they’re excited about the Wax Ball Eventtonight and other random things…


How’d you come up with the name Santoros? Diego came up with it. It’s a mix of two words in Spanish, santos which means saints and toros that means bulls and it represents the double personality or different sides that we can have as individuals in the band. [Tony]

What’s your inspiration? Inspiration is all over the place, a good night out with the boys or the girl that broke your heart and sometimes is both. [Carlos]

Any funny stories on tour? Since we are seven members, we have a lot of stories. We always get too drunk and end up with our face painted or someone passing out and letting all go (someone wetting their pants). [Carlos]

Favorite thing to do in the Summer? Going on tour, it’s probably the best part of summer or chill at the beach. [Tony]

Top three cities to play in? We love Las Vegas. The people there have a different energy and they are really down for new music. Oakland and OC are always fun to play too. [Tony]

What’s coming up for you guys in the next year or so? Hopefully next year we can tour the east-coast and have are 12″ out. We got so many ideas that it’s hard to focus on just one. [Carlos]

What’re you most excited about the Wax Ball Event? We never play the Wax Ball, so we are looking forward to it. We heard so many good things about Thalia and RAEN. We are always trying to play more int he OC. [Carlos]


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