What do you do when you’re road tripping in an old car and all of a sudden you break down in the middle of nowhere? Well, that’s easy, you call AAA Roadside Service. But, what if such a service does not exist in the desolate wasteland you have now been abandoned? You may think for a minute or two, maybe even light a cigarette, but eventually you will find yourself looking for the nearest watering hole to soak up your shit luck with the effects of alcohol… and get back to the car later. This exact situation is what Warren Smith and the Monster Children crew had to deal with for the past week as they embarked on a cross country trip, set to eventually reach New York. As they were cruising through Hell (aka the desert of Arizona) they blew the transmission of their 1969 Dodge Dart in a little place known as Kingman. They were stuck for days on end; surrounded by meth heads, gang members, and a lonely bar that they became very fond of. The ghost town of Kingman sure did take a toll on the boys as their spirits slowly shattered piece by piece. The following photos taken by Warren are about as exciting as breaking down in Kingman, Arizona will ever get. Enjoy and be thankful this wasn’t you.

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