You're invited to the Woody G. Art Show to celebrate the launch of the limited RAEN + Woody G. Collaboration, featuring the Remmy 49 in a mellow crystalline green frame with polarized smoke grey lenses.

766 S Coast Hwy 101
Encinitas, CA 92024

September 8th 6pm-10pm


We want to climb inside Woody’s photographs, lie down quietly on the sidelines and watch a world like his pass on by. He shoots the kind of images that make the rest of us wonder what we’re doing with our lives. At only twenty-one he’s got a collection of work that builds a world all on it’s own. We’re in love with the way he keeps us on our toes, constantly eager to see more yet always pleased with what we’re given. It’s these reasons and more that the Remmy 49 was re-envisioned with his collaborative spirit, released in a mellow crystalline green. 

Remmy 49 Woody G. (Polarized) available worldwide September 8th.

Interview with Woody G...

Q: Where you at right now?
A: I love following your account and trying to keep up. I'm currently based in the heart of Tokyo but right now I'm back home for a little bit until I head off to Copenhagen. My schedules way too spontaneous.

Q: What do you see right now?
A: An overgrown hedge outside my window.

Q: This evolution of The Remmy is on point. How does this frame have a Woody flair to it?
A: I've always been into simple and clean products whether it’s clothing or eyewear. Colours are another big thing - Anything subtle and not to punchy - I've tried to keep its original look with choosing a colour that keeps it unique but somewhat close to the Champagne. For the time of being a RAEN wearer I have always kept the Remmy's on my face.

Q: When heading into a collaboration like this what are some things you want?
A: A frame that I or anyone will forever be happy with and wouldn't want to stop wearing. Creating your own eyewear is pretty scary I must admit.

Q: Is it cheezy of me to say these images on the packaging feel classically Woody? How did you select them and if they could whisper in my ear what might they say?
A: I wanted the packaging to compliment the sunglasses with a variety of abstract and moody patterns that sat well with the colour and frame. Some of these images are actually from when I first started photographing and some from recent so it’s also reflecting on my very first stages of creating my own body of work and first ever frame.

Q: Where is the best place you've ever woken up?
A: I've woken up in plenty of places over the past 21 years. It would have to be when I was really young when my parents would take my younger brother and I up the beach to camp, you can drive your four wheel drives along the beach and pitch up a tent wherever you like.

Q: If you could put your frames on anyone’s face who would it be?
A: I always put shades on my mother’s face before mine. So probably her ha!

Q: What's on the docket for you right now? Anything on the horizon you're excited about?
A: I've got a range of things bubbling on the horizon at the moment, I'm just about to set off to Copenhagen for two weeks with a bunch of skaters to photograph a massive event there. Its going to be a different door for me to walk through so I'm super excited for a visual change.

Q: Speak to me on the images from your time living in Japan? Do you feel like your time there has had a certain influence on the evolution of your style?
A: Yes of course. Moving to Japan was a pretty personal change and decision for me. I hadn't moved out of home yet so just doing that was going to be a massive change just as much as focusing on a new body of work. Putting the ocean work on the sidelines for a little while has been hard but also quite rewarding. I've been focusing on connecting and physically showing my work in Japan and internationally over the past year. Just immersing myself in the culture and actually putting my camera down has been more inspiring than actually shooting it.

Q: How about the evolution of your human?
A: In my 21 years I've learnt and experienced a lot that which has made me where I'm sitting right now. I was homeschooled with my younger brother for most of my high school years which gave me the freedom and flexibility to dedicate plenty of time to focus on what interested me. I was fortunate that my parents could see that that was an important role in life which pushed me even more to discover parts of my life that I didn't know were there and even to this day. I think the people I choose to have around me has created and pushed me to be the person I am today. Life's inspiring and it’s always planning something new for you to fight.


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