Nestled offshore in the mecca of fast-pace and high fashion lives an oxymoron—a laid-back, west coast inspired brand and retail store that breathes mellow on an always energizing Manhattan. Coffee brews in the front, a fully planted sanctuary sits out back, and an entire shop of today’s most progressive men’s labels (including their own) are simply and cooly merchandised throughout for surfers, artists, businessmen and creative types that walk through the door on a daily basis. Saturdays is a must-visit each time we head to the city which is why we requested Saturdays give us a visit on our blog.



R. So why a Surf Shop in the middle of Manhattan?
S. Well technically we are not in the middle of Manhattan but downtown in Soho. Middle would be mid-town and we are not down with that zone. Why? The boyz and I just needed a place to call home. We are three friends that live in NYC, surf all the time, care about style and art and going out all night. There are a million brands that claim to represent a million different things but not one reflected us. Opening the shop was just a nice first step in our evolution and was a great way to invite people into our world and show people what our lifestyle was all about.

R. If you could describe Saturdays Surf’s own label, what three words would you use to describe your design aesthetic?
S. Clean, easy, smart

R. Where do you find inspiration for your designs?
S. The second any of us walk out our doors in the morning we are inundated with fashion, architecture and an endless onslaught of great minds to talk and vibe with. We can’t help but be inspired by our city.

R. Saturdays Surf NYC digs into a variety of collaborations. What brand or artist is on your collab wish list?
S. Personally I would love to work with Ralph Lauren, Heroki (VISVIM), Hedi Slimane would be rad. But I’m sure the guys have there own as well.

R.  Any chance of incorporating women’s apparel to the boy’s club?
S. The brand is based on what we like and wear but I’m guessing at some point we are going to have to include the ladies. For the meantime try extra small, my mom sure likes it.

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