We recently had the chance to sit down with the creator of the Vans US Open trophies that are currently up for grabs in the hot sands and insanity that is Huntington Beach. Not only will the winner of the US Open receive a 40k prize purse, but they will also walk away with the work of a phenomenal sculptor, artist, surfboard shaper, and human, Mr. Alrik Yuill. We feel these trophy pieces have a much greater value than any of the dollar bills attached to the prize.. although dollar bills are pretty nice too. Time, energy, precision, focus, and inspiration all play a huge role in the work that Alrik creates and these trophies are no exception. Just as Alrik inspires every one of us at RAEN, we decided to dig deeper and get a little insight on who and what inspires Alrik. So grab a cup of coffee or your afternoon beverage and enjoy the following interview/photos with Alrik Yuill. 

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