Have you ever run into the same person on the street over and over? Like a magnet and metal. Even in a small city like Portland it was clearly more than coincidence that photographer, Adam Levey and creative director, Aaron James kept trading paint on the sidewalks of SE Portland. After an interesting story about the neighborhood, admiration for Aaron’s RAEN sunglasses, a couple g-n-t’s, the “Neighbors” project started clicking. Anyone from the neighborhood, in off the street, got captured and shot. The UPS guy, the local vagrant, the label printer, a church secretary, a local hoops star, cannabis growers, some middle school kids and a couple of Portland’s finest baristas. It’s a great reminder that people are really amazing.

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Photography: Adam Levey
Creative Director: Aaron James
Stylist: Margo Latka
Post: Craig Ferroggiaro

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