We love a good upcycle creation. What could possibly be better than getting creative with excess materials in order to design something completely other, something new, something different. Our mothers would be so proud.

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[ RAEN x Kassia Surf Wearable Eyewear Case](//d1hgy438sf8pvv.cloudfront.net/media/post_content/raen-blog-post-1000x667-kass-case-2-84a0.jpg)

Good thing for us we have people in the fam like Kassia Meador who see the world just a little differently than most. When she ended up with some left over neoprene from her recent collection of high vibe psychedelic mermaid wetsuits, she saw nothing but potential.

[ RAEN x Kassia Surf Wearable Eyewear Case](//d1hgy438sf8pvv.cloudfront.net/media/post_content/raen-blog-post-1000x667-kass-case-3-2a48.jpg)

And thus was born this imaginative limited run of wearable eyewear cases . The neoprene/ lycra makes up the pouch and they’re then outfitted with a paracord neck strap and silver eyelets. SO you can wear it!!!! Kassia was wanting something to protect her eyewear whether she was wearing them or not, plus it can double as a cash/ phone stash and beer koozie too!

[ RAEN x Kassia Surf Wearable Eyewear Case](//d1hgy438sf8pvv.cloudfront.net/media/post_content/raen-blog-post-1000x667-kass-case-4-132a.jpg)

Good things made from good things. From good people, for good people. Upcycle is the way of the future.

[ RAEN x Kassia Surf Wearable Eyewear Case](//d1hgy438sf8pvv.cloudfront.net/media/post_content/raen-blog-post-1000x667-kass-case-5-ae2b.jpg)

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