Ben Christensen is a RAEN ambassador who has a unique talent for shooting inspiring images. We were lucky enough to sit down with Ben to hear his story. Ben is featured in The Convoy from RAEN’s Fall Voyage Collection. To see more of Ben’s work click here!

Mr. Ben Christensen, describe yourself in three words.

Life is Good.

Where has most of your inspiration come from?

My Dad. He is the king of all adventurers. Also, when I am on the road I get inspired by people and their lives they live, their beliefs and their passions.

What does voyaging mean to you? 

Taking the greatest journey of your life and not knowing what is to come but being able to love every moment, obstacle and person that comes your way.

During your voyages, you have captured many landscapes from oceans to vast deserts and beautiful mountains to the downtown metropolis…  where has been your favorite place to visit?

There was something incredibly peaceful about visiting Oregon and being deep in the woods. I love the outdoor lifestyle all of the locals have there. But a close second and third are Big Sur and Mammoth.

Where has been your favorite place to capture through your lens? 

The Sand Dunes just west of Yuma Arizona because of the artistic simplicity it has there. The breeze creates a sweet look with the sand and when you’re shooting a subject whether its one person, a group, fashion or product the combo is out of this world.

Many people never get the chance to travel or never get the “travel bug.” Is there a definitive point or moment in your life that “the bug” gave you a nice bite and kicked your travelling into gear?

I have traveled to a lot of places and have done a lot of really fun things but there is nothing better than jumping on your motorcycle with a group of friends and going on a long journey, sleeping under the stars, and seeing the world in a whole other way.  

Where was your first trip to that sticks out in your mind that really set you off on becoming such an adventurer?

I grew up going to Boy Scouts (Be Prepared!) so I experienced traveling, camping and learning how to survive early in my life. But one of my first trips that blew my mind was a weeklong hiking trip we took in the mountains of Colorado. Experienced a lot of bugs, rain, cold and hunger; definitely one of my most memorable trips.

Do you have a desired vessel when heading out on a voyage?

First choice is my Sporty Chopper built by The Haifley Brothers, but if my wife and little girl, Milo, are along for the voyage then my Subaru Forester.

Back to photography, texture appears to be a common and powerful factor for you…do you look for a specific texture to enhance the subject matter depending on what this may be? 

I am into timeless textures; there is nothing more timeless than nature or simple walls in the city.  Less is more.

While texture looks to be one large factor in your photography, a proper backdrop appears just as essential. Whilst traveling are you’re eyes always peeled for the quintessential photo opportunity?

The whole reason I travel is to see beautiful remote places, meet and work with amazing people, and capture killer shots along the way. Because of that, my eyes are always peeled to find the most perfect natural light and scenery that will highlight what my subjects are all about.

Moreover, how do you decide on subject matter or has that been all momentary and situation specific?

As you see from my images I specialize in taking photos of people. Most of the companies I shoot for I have been able to choose the subjects. What I look for are everyday people with character and life about them. That’s what makes a lot of my images real because my subjects are real.

Thank you Ben, we admire everything that you do and wish you the safest of travels. Bon Voyage!

Interview by: Garrett James

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