The last we checked in with the Livefast Summer Tour we found our lovely friends, Vivianne Lapointe and Roxanna Dunlop, making their way from the winding streets of Europe to the beaches and jungles of Bali. Their world tour, something we are quite envious of, has led them on a surveyance of cultures that for many are left unknown. Traveling: a great way to humble yourself, become grateful for what you have, and learn about the beautiful world and people around us. Get on it! And now as we check in with our friends from Live Fast Mag for the latest photo diary update we find them in Japan.. lost amongst the crowd in a foreign land of many people speaking a languge they do not understand. Lost in translation? I'd say so. Outside of the comfort zone? Just a little. Smiling and happy? Yes and very. #ThroughTheEyes of Vivianne Lapointe

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