Each of our lens tints offers 100% UVA and UVB protection. While unique in color and use, they are specifically chosen to compliment the acetate we pair them with. Find out which tint fits your lifestyle.

Lenses are rated in protection classes or categories from 0-4. Lenses with a rating of 0-1 are used for fashion as they provide little to no protection. Lenses with a category rating of 2-3 are best suited for sunglasses as they provide the optimium level of protection from UV rays and glare. A lens rating of 4 is only recommended for people with extremely sensistive eyes. 

GRADIENT: If you start your day with an early morning run, cruise to work afterward and end it watching the sunset on the beach, consider a gradient tint. We offer a variety of these lens tones as it’s suitable for a variety of light conditions, from sunrise to sunset. All of our gradient lens tints have a Filter Category rating ranging from 2 to 3.

GREEN: The color of nature, and exactly the tint you’ll need if you spend your days hiking through the woods. It’s a neutral tint that shows accurate colors and ideal for medium to bright light. Green has a Filter Category rating of 3.

SMOKE: In contrast to the bright, yellow sun, our smoke tint is fit for long days at the beach rolling around in the sand. It excels in sunny conditions by offering a neutral color perception. Smoke has a Filter Category rating of 2.

BROWN: A subtle, urban tint that is perfect for extensive days in the city. Whether you’re on foot, cycling or cruisin’ around by car, our brown tint will keep your perception clear with enhanced contrast during all lighting conditions. It excels in medium to bright sunlight and has a Filter Category rating of 3.

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