In the distant, mountainous region of the idyllic Haute-Jura region in Northeastern France, the spirit of adventure is met with a deep appreciation for traditional craftsmanship. On a journey to the region, we were introduced to the long, iconic history of eyewear manufacturing. The artisans in this region have been manufacturing eyewear and perfecting their trade since 1796. We became obsessed with paying homage to the rich tradition with an exclusive collection of frames produced entirely in the Jura. 

This collection is completely hand-made in France with the world renowned craftsmanship, technique, and traditional know-how of the Jura. We chose to work with a small, second-generation, family owned and operated factory, originally founded by two brothers. The operation is now run by their children and cousins. The entire place feels more like a workshop, than a factory floor. With only a handful of employees, everyone is involved in the hands-on operations, building frames on the daily and making our “Fabriqué en France” by RAEN collection come to life. 

For this collection we sourced the acetate to make our frames from Mazzucchelli 1849; a single family owned, six-generation, Italian acetate manufacturing company. The 5-barrel hinges are sourced from Comotec in Italy. And the lenses are CR-39 material, manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision using premium, Anti-Reflective (AR) Azure coating - a special treatment designed to minimize internal glare. All three frames, the Remmy 49, Norie and Wiley, are meticulously hand-finished to either a high polish or a rich, brushed-matte finish.

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