Warren Smith is skating backyard barn ramps, apple picking, snapping art, shredding then making blueberry pies in the evening. Oh yeah…and sipping on pumpkin lattés with the New England locals.


This wandering surfer and artist is getting back to his roots and searching for solitude.

Originally from the gulf coast of Florida, he says, “There’s a culture gap in California that I’ve kind of put up with for the last 10 years. It’s very different to what I grew up in on the East Coast.”

“Having some room to breathe clean air in Maine is very nice.”


A creative muse in himself he finds inspiration by simply being alone.

“I lived in New York for a few Falls, and almost died from all the partying and life living…I basically travel year round, so slow paced isn’t something I do very often,” he says.

“Taking a break and working on some photography is very good for the soul.”


Warren calls York his home for now living in a humble flat on the coast of Maine. A few friends have stopped by to venture on photo journeys and keep a mellow vibe with him.

What is he doing now to prepare for the show?

“All kinds of shit,” he says.

What a teaser. We can’t wait. Click here for more details on their darkroom photographic experience.


Words | Glori Reantaso

Images | Nick LaVecchia


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