A photographer, an ocean zealot and Maine native, Nick LaVecchia [La-VEK-e-A] is one half of the Fix the Shadows creators. RAEN interviews this down-to-earth dude on how it all became.


He describes to us the kept beauty of York, Maine and the untroubled waters – the soundless nights and killer swell. When asked how cold the water is, he says, “Still fairly warm right now. Maybe 45-47 degrees at the moment.” For most of us in Southern California, that is freaking cold as hell.


Nick shows us how life should be – a simple and meaningful one filled with good mates and passion for something you honestly love.

With those values, Fix the Shadows was created like a beautiful cataclysmic explosion talking at a beach side sushi dinner, after many days of making images and playing in the ocean.

“We [Warren and I] needed to channel our energies into something more tangible than a web story about our three months in Maine.”

Friends began to trickle in and out and long nights brewed in their makeshift darkroom on the coast of Maine.


As a lover of the ocean, he loves the idea of donating all proceeds from the show to his [and Warren’s] good friend’s non-profit, Waves for Water.

LaVecchia says, “Jon Rose has created an amazing program here. He’s currently posted up in New Jersey and New York helping all the hardest hit areas along the coast from Hurricane Sandy.”

Nick has roots in New Jersey and says it felt right helping out his friends and family living there.

For now, he says the boys are developing last minute rolls, spreading some posters around town…and maybe even coordinating some outfits.


Words | Glori Reantaso

Images | Warren Smith and Nick LaVecchia


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