Bali, Indonesia: epicenter for all things radical. And, for good reason. Surf and speed. Whether it be a blessing of the Hindu gods or that of Mother Nature, the island of Bali is surrounded by some of the best waves in the world; from reef breaks to beach breaks to hidden slabs. However, it can also be said that most of these spots take a specific mode of transportation in order to provide access to them. This mode of transportation is nothing other than that of a motorbike. Whether it be zipping in and out of traffic or pinning it full throttle at the water’s edge, accessing these world-class waves can be just as exhilarating as when you finally get the chance to ride them. For this exact reason, surfers and thrill seekers from around the world continue to make the pilgrimage to this mecca. Surf and speed. The sense of absolute “freedom” in hopping on a motorbike with nothing but your board shorts on, surfboard strapped by your side, and a treasure map guiding you to a mystical wave will keep the adventurer in all of us coming back for more.

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