ACETATE: All RAEN sunglasses and eyeglasses are produced from sheets of Mazzucchelli acetate, the highest-grade cellulose acetate available. Acetate is a high quality plastic originating from the renewable resources of wood pulp and natural cotton fibers. It has become the standard raw material used to build high fashion and long lasting glasses. Most high-end sunglass and eyeglass manufacturers exclusively use the Mazzuchelli brand acetate for their products, and we are no exception. Acetate retains its color brightness impeccably over time because its hue is embedded in the material rather than sprayed on which also prevents any color peeling. Unique aging stabilizers in acetate also prevent fading, yellowing or other discoloration from UV light or skin contact.



At RAEN our designers create modern takes on vintage inspired frames. Finding our inspiration in Mid-Century design, we look to everything from furniture and architecture to boats and automobiles for influence for our collection. Working with classic shapes allows us to produce timeless pieces.



We generate custom acetate combinations each season that are unique to our collection. Select styles each season are outfitted with one-of-a-kind acetate combinations. All combinations are applied to thin flat sheets of acetate in preparation of cutting. A computer-controlled router then cuts each component of the frame directly from AutoCAD renderings created by our RAEN design staff.



Each individual frame component is outfitted with its hardware by a highly trained technician. The frames are then “formed” according to their predetermined templates. After “forming” the senior technician checks each frame with a micrometer at tolerances of one-hundredth of an inch. Our frames then begin the polishing process by tumbling in a barrel of wood chips and small stones for about 12 hours. With the intricate design of our frames and the unique details of each style, each frame must be hand finished by one of our technicians. Each frame is hand finished/buffed using a polishing wheel, similar to the way jewelry is polished, to ensure longer lasting luster.



During final assembly technicians fasten arms to each frame with spring or five-barrel hinges and tiny screws. These hinges function as the joint between the frame temple and each arm to maintain an effortless and secure bend of the arms. Because screws are made to loosen, the RAEN technicians use self-sinking/locking screws to ensure that they are kept secure.

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