The dueling screenings at La Paloma Theater for the premiere of Free Jazz Vein of this past week did not disappoint. Both time slots were jam packed with all our favorite people, some newbies, and the regular riffraff we’ve come to call family. The film features some of the RAEN amigos like Alex Knost, Mikey Detemple, Kassia Meador, and Dane Peterson. We were there in full force to celebrate this evening.

It’s been a highly anticipated event as this is the first film director, Tin Ojeda, has released since Expencive Porno Movie. Free Jazz Vein is a 45-minute experimental surf film shot entirely on 16mm. It’s 70’s vintage film aesthetic in a styled essential of Ojeda’s work, and yet this film stands out with its psychedelic jazz and experimental era infusion. From thrusters, single fins, bonzers to finless we are left with jaws agape and our inspirations on fire.

\#ThroughTheEyes of Nico Ramos

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