On a summer afternoon in Soho we found ourselves at the Hypebeast office interviewing, shooting, and generally just having a laid back time with creative editor Frederick Marfil. The man is a legend in his own right, previously a contributing editor for the WWD Men’s team and Associate Market Editor at Complex Magazine. He is a creative force to be reckoned with, and it seems everything this man touches turns to inspiration gold. This NYC native is seen here on a stroll near the Soho office wearing the Doheny 53 in fading black crystal. Frederick currently resides in Queens and takes is coffee with cream, no sugar.

**R: When it comes to following one’s own creative intuition what do you think is important? What do you listen to?**

FM: I usually go with my gut feeling. Often times when I feel shy or indifferent about something, I listen to my sister or close friends.

**R: What does a typical day look like for you? Is there such a thing?**

FM: It varies, from attending market appointments, styling shoots, brainstorming sessions with creative and churning out editorial posts on WordPress. You know that Sheryl Crow song? Everyday is a Winding Road.

**R: If you could evolve your craft instantly, right now, what sort of step forward would you take? What would change?**

FM: Expanding my photography skills. I work with some really talented photographers in the office.

**R: What single person have you come across in your life, who without them or their influence, things would simply not be as they are?**

FM: My mom taught me about personal style as she always encouraged me to be myself.

**R: Inspiration or perspiration?**

FM: Both. Need to sweat out the bad in order to inhale the good.

**R: What can you not live without?**

FM: Kiehl's Creme de Corps blesses my eczema.

**R: What would you want to be remembered for? **

FM: While it would be cool to be remembered for my cuffed pants, I would rather be remembered as someone that inspired others by a simple presence or gesture to make them feel comforted or even empowered to just speak their truth.

**R: How do you take your coffee?**

FM: Cream no sugar.

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Photos: Joonie Yang

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