Just in time for June gloom, our essential styles take on the clean color of coastal clouds.

Everyone says Southern California has no seasons. But it does. It has exactly one distinguishable weather spell: “June gloom.” It’s a funny thing for a region known for its never-ending sunshine. Just as much of the Northern Hemisphere is busting out its shorts and sandals, gearing up for summer hijinks, out here in SoCal the weather grows cool and cloudy for a minute. Beginning with glimpses of “May gray” and sometimes extending to “no-sky July” we tuck into summer days under a marine layer of low-altitude clouds that form over the still-cool water at night and roll onshore before daybreak. No worries though, the misty fog usually burns off by afternoon, giving way to the perfect sunny days we know so well. Hence the need for sunglasses. Here, no matter what, sunny skies are always right around the corner. You have to be ready. Our latest color collection is an homage to the foggy mornings of early summer. Done in a clear acetate frame with the slightest tinge of warmth, they remind us of the fog just as it lifts, giving way to clear skies and sunshine. They’re paired with bottle green lenses for an extra shot of style. We think they’re pretty fly, actually. Remmy, Wiley and Norie have all gotten the Crystal Fog treatment, classics from our core collection, now with a twist. It’s a fresh look you can try now and wear all summer long.

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