Looking for a much needed sabbatical, wandering artist and surfer, Warren Smith, came to the raw coast of Maine. His only goal was to sink into a personal photographic experience and find some down time. Collaborating with friend Nick LaVecchia, a photographer from York, Maine, the two converted a vacant garage on the coast to a makeshift darkroom of sorts.

For the past three months, their collective days were filled with the beauty and stillness of Fall in Maine. The boys enjoyed listening to the quiet, surfing cold waves, skating some backyard barn ramps and inviting a few friends to come along and make a mess of the garage with them.

Fix the Shadows has evolved into an eerie and unfiltered living documentary project and traveling exhibit showcasing both the aesthetic and process of a handful of fellow artists, surfers and photographers.

The art show opens its tour in Portland, Maine on December 21 with an artists reception and live auction of select prints with all proceeds going to Waves 4 Water.

More tour stops are currently being scheduled for Los Angeles and Australia.

For more information on Fix the Shadows, please visit the event page here.

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