We caught up with RAEN’s, Alex Knost, this month before he took off to Mexico and beyond.

Knost’s life is nothing short of an Andy Warhol Factory experience. Living a life full of exploration and unique journeys, he lives a lifestyle most people can only dream about. Amazing people and situations only fit for a personality as big as Knost’s.

Bands and bottom turns are just a few of the things that make Knost who he is. He surfs, plays in a band and somehow still finds time for other business ventures. His appearance can’t be ignored nor has it ever been. Everyone knows Knost has one of, if not the best, bottom turns in surfing of all time. His band “Tomorrow’s Tulips” is also thriving. The guys just wrapped their European tour with Knost’s best friend Ford Archbold. Be sure to catch them this summer as they will be playing a handful of great events through their label “Burger Records.”

The rumors have been circling that Knost might be collaborating with former Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon this summer. Knost will also be releasing a summer collection with RVCA next month, not to mention the 2016 summer collection with us that will be sure to inspire. We can’t wait to share! Knost has been a great addition to the team with a keen design eye and inspiring names for the collection.

If that wasn’t rad enough, Knost somehow finds the time to shape surfboards with his surfboard company, Brown Microwave Television. We strolled through his Costa Mesa compound and found shapes that were nothing short of museum pieces. True works of art!

-Words by RAEN's Creative Director, Justin Heit

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