How to build a wardrobe of sunnies that take you through every imaginable warm-weather adventure.

Summer is a look. It’s equal parts wild and refined, reckless and leisurely. There are many good times to be had between now and September. Surfing, swimming, hiking, shopping, lounging, exploring. Picking up with strangers, catching up with old friends or just literally doing nothing for days on end. And there will be sunshine. Gallons of it. Best to come prepared, protected and looking great.

Here’s our formula for how to properly show up for summer, eyes shielded in style.

Choose a metal.

Wire frames are all about refinery. They’re what you reach for when you’re heading to the pool deck for cocktail hour, or struggling to be on time for an early evening wedding ceremony. Bonus: they work equally well for reading a book at the beach the next day. The Barolo is a good choice if an aviator bridge is your thing.SHOP METAL

Choose a chunky.

Beloved by fashion wonks and rock stars the world over, big, chunky acetate frames say “party time.” Not for the faint of heart, these styles are a strong look for poolside throwdowns and street style snaps. The Ashtray, in particular, will prove infinitely Instagrammable. SHOP LUXURY WIG

Choose a round.

The great thing about round sunglasses is they make you look cultured and smart even if all you really want to do is sit at a sidewalk café drinking wine and scrolling through Instagram. Then, later, if you want to go to the market or take off hiking, they’re good for that too. Remmy is our go-to for, well, pretty much everything all summer. SHOP ROUND

Choose a square.

Angular frames add some edge and authority to your whole summer vibe. They’re tough and stylish, iconic in a vaguely Miami Vice way. And they can be sporty or dressy, depending on context (see Pierce). Traditionalists will tell you squares are made for the round-faced (balance and all that) but we say anyone with the right attitude can pull them off. SHOP SQUARE



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