Whether you know it or not, the time for Indonesian adventure is now. The beautiful island chain finds itself most crowded between the months of May through August and for good reason. Whether it be the easy hop across the pond, a quick escape from Winter, or the abundance of scantily clad women, waves and cheap booze, Australians flock in the form of a mass exodus to infest and ingest all that is available. Now, it would only make sense that RAEN ambassador Thom Pringle would find himself in the middle of this feeding frency with a cast of superstar friends by his side. Fortunately for Thom, he has has his head on straight and aside from the many distractions that Indonesia has to offer; his main motive.. consume as many waves as possible. All we can say is that we wish we were with Thom at this exact moment having an ice cold Bintang after a marathon session with the boys. The following is a snapshot of what a day in the life has been looking like for Mr. Thom Pringle. 

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