From the streets of Brooklyn to the shores of Montauk, RAEN's honorary Mayor of New York, Mikey DeTemple, knows how to make a quick getaway whenever he feels necessary. To grab the lady, load the car, and get away from the ever-so-busy city for an minute of peace can be crucial. But it's hard to hit the pages of surf magazines and Vogue all in the same month and maintain a level of class and integrity all the while. Mikey has done this with more grace and eloquence than any other man. May it be the wonderful woman by his side, his imminent love for the ocean, a recently purchased sail boat, or his escapist mentality.. Mikey has got it all figured it. He prefers the simpler things in life. And with summer peering over the horizon, you can be sure these escapes to Mantauk will become greater rather than fewer in the months to come. Take a trip and get outta town for a day in the life of Mikey DeTemple. 

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