It’s been a few months since we last “sat down” for a check in, you’re a hard man to get ahold of. What have you been up to lately, or on?


The past 5 weeks I was in Catalonia, Spain climbing at the famous cliff called Oliana.The place is home to the largest concentration of hard routes in the world. The trip was to invest my time into my next level of difficulty and see what I can do! I did pretty damn well if I do say so, but I didn't climb the route. When you invest your time into trying to reach the next level it can take months or years of returning to the same climb. It's a pretty heavy undertaking at times, but the process of learning, becoming stronger and getting closer is really rewarding. That sort of process in climbing is one of the aspects of that I adore.


How often are you climbing these days and when you’re not climbing, what’s on the day’s agenda?


When I am on a trip to climb I am climbing about 5 days a week. The usual format is 2 days on and one day off. This allows the muscles to recover and the skin on my fingers to grow back. As well, the mind needs a rest. During rest days I am usually relaxing and recovering by doing yoga or my version, Joe-ga. HA! I have other sponsor duties as well, like video editing and shooting.


Home can be many things. Where you’re from, where you live, or even a state of mind. What does home mean to you?


HA! I actually have a home now and it's great. I live in the Bay area and LOVE it! The best food and wild and weird culture is always keeping me entertained. Home nowadays is The Bay. I have my usual coffee shops, restaurants, climbing gym, friends (that don't climb, which RULES!), and it's a place that inspires me. It feels good to get into the routine as well. It's funny because when I was younger I used to be scared to death of having any routine in life and shied away from it, as it meant I was becoming too settled. Now... I thrive in a routine of climbing, training, time with my girlfriend, time with my dog and sorting my life out in the ways I neglect when I am only climbing. Basically, it allows me to keep a solid balance and maintain all aspects of my life.


What’s it like to share your passion of climbing with your significant other?


It's great and I seriously don't know if I could do it any other way. I love to be able to feel that my partner understands me and knows my needs and modes. Being obsessed and totally into your passion is super healthy, but only if it's not interfering with anyone else's needs. Lindsey has been amazing with supporting me and in turn I give her the support she needs. I'm a lucky dude and I will probably say that forever.


Besides climbing, what other ways do you express yourself?


I'm a film maker, photographer and an avid social media user. I guess those are ways I put myself out there and create things. I also put up routes and develop cliffs which is HUGE for a legacy and longevity, which aligns with my personal ethos. We are here for a minute and gone the next. What are we leaving and what are we contributing? These are things I ask myself as a pro-climber often. Climbing a hard route or winning a competition gets praise and attention for only so long, while adding a climb to the world in which we know is timeless. I dig that.


What sort of music do you listen to? Are there any special songs or albums that get you psyched for a climb?


I listen to hip hop a lot... I really dig trap music and a lot of artist from Atlanta. Future, Young Thug, the whole ASAP Mob, Lil Uzi Vert… A lot of darker kinda vibes I dig. It's weird though... lately I have been obsessed with that song from the Silence Of The Lambs called Goodbye Horses by Q Lazzarus.


Are there any upcoming projects you’re working on? Such as video projects or upcoming climbs…


I have two that I am really excited about. I don't want to spoil it and expose too much but one is in the middle of Nevada and the other is in the South of France. Both projects I am whole-heartedly attached to and fully believe in. I cannot wait to embark for the climbing, the story telling, and the whole experience. It's gonna be FIRE!!!!!!!


Climbing looks to be a very intense and possibly stressful past time. What sort of things do you practice to keep your mind calm and poised to conquer giants?


HA! Good question. I can say that experience and all of the years doing it has surely helped with the stressful times. But... breathing, visualizing and learning throughout are the best answers I can give ya... it's always a different vibe and a different challenge so adapting is key.


Is there one great climb you hope to accomplish some day? What is the overall goal or dream you hope to gain from your passion?


I have many climbs I constantly revisit that we call "multi-year-projects". I have about 5 that throughout the years I revisit to test myself on. Some campaigns are great and some feel worthless. But when the sensations are great and your fitness is up... that's when it's time to go hard and try to complete the goal. Last October I had that happen and it was great to feel the culmination of hard work and devotion pay off. Climbing is a never-ending challenge and always keeps you in a humble disposition. When you are up... GITTIT... when you are down.... get your ass up again. Such a rollercoaster really and I love it.


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