RAEN Optics, a California based eyewear brand, releases its first European collaboration teaming up with Óptica Caribou and Ricardo Cavolo. The collection offers a limited edition Remmy 49 with exclusive packaging and polishing cloth and one-of-a kind illustrations designed by Spanish artist, Cavolo.

Cavolo’s style is known for a mix of iconic old school and strong vibrant colors. His work is demonstrated perfectly on the packaging illustration and cleaning cloth. “My aim was to create a magic prism for RAEN glasses: a universe with thousands of things happening around and that cosmos is at same time the love history between a guy and girl that you can see on both sides”, says Cavolo.

The idea for this collaboration came upon RAEN founders when they visited the Caribou store a year ago. Óptica Caribou is a unique, independent optical boutique located in the Madrilenian trendy neighborhood, Malasaña that specializes in curated designer brands. Caribou, agreed that RAEN would be a great addition, contributing its California atmosphere and branding.

Both Caribou and Cavolo share the young and independent spirit so close to RAEN’s storytelling. Seeing one of the illustrations Ricardo Cavolo did for the store a couple of years before, RAEN knew he would be the connecting link between the two. “It is not the first time I’ve worked for Caribou and it is always a pleasure. For a 'four eyes' like me, it is so nice doing things with my favorite optical shop. Furthermore, if I can join a so-cool brand like RAEN... then the project is perfect!” Cavolo.

RAEN and Caribou decided that the Remmy 49, a landmark piece in the RAEN Collection, would be the ideal frame of choice for the collaboration. With only 100 limited frames, the style includes a unique CR-39 green lens, and Caribou’s choice of a classic acetate color: Rootbeer. Finally, applying a special split finish technique with a matte finish on the exterior and polished interior and custom hardware truly makes this piece unique.

The collection will be available mid September at Óptica Caribou and other premium retailers in Spain.

Ricardo Cavolo (Salamanca, 1982) is one of the most important young illustrators in Spain and Europe. He was raised in his father's paint workshop and started drawing at a young age. He studied fine arts and has worked in fine advert agencies as an art director and continues as a freelance illustrator.

Óptica Caribou (Madrid, 2010) is an independent optical boutique placed in the heart of Malasaña neighborhood in Madrid. Managed by three young optometrists, music and design lovers. Always staying up to date on fashion trends, their product selection ranges from classic to cutting edges styles.

RAEN Optics (California, 2008) is an individualistic vintage-driven eyewear brand with qualities that reap uniqueness and authenticity. Residing in Oceanside, California, our purpose as designers is to create credible optics and frames that present fundamental value, and everlasting style. Inspiration is gathered by our own experiences and built to compliment yours, whether they’re near the coast or across the land.

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The lifestyle photos were shot by Cecilia Alvarez-Hevia Arias, a 29 year-old photographer with a passion for fashion and travel. She has experience shooting for many well established brands with work that has been published in industry leading magazines. 

The model featured in the photo is Roberto Rodriguez Redondo, an artist and surfer from Asturias. His days are spent behind a paint brush & spray can and getting sideways on the water. 

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