In the midst of the global recession, two designers, John Moore & Michael Abbey responded with a clever byproduct they like to call Penny Stock and new to the collection, Pretty Penny (their female line). It’s a line of iconic styles and high quality design sans the premium price tag. Honest Abe is the muse behind their Americana line making cameos on hangtags, illustrations, and their website—they even include a shiny new penny with every article of clothing! For a little more insight behind the brand we paid penny for John and Michael’s thoughts:


R. What was the aha moment when you came up with the concept?
JM – It was the bottom of the recession in 2009.  We were literally down to our last penny, so we put it into the chest pocket of an oxford shirt and voilà!

MA: We wanted to make product that would stand the test of time and be a staple in the wardrobe.

R. What is the average price point for Penny Stock and Pretty Penny?
JM. Accessible prices that anyone can afford!

MA. the retails are from $38 for knits and tees to $178 for outerwear.

R. What’s in the works for Penny Stock and Pretty Penny?
JM. We’re excited about the launch of our women’s line, Pretty Penny.  It lands in a great boutique near you in March.

MA: Pretty Penny is very exciting and we are starting to work on some collaborations and that is great because we are working with some great, smaller brands to make great product (Melple from Japan is our current project and we are working on another that is still too early to mention).

R. What is your favorite part of the design process?
JM. Working with Michael!
MA. When we have good meetings that gets everyone inspired.

R. What blogs are on your daily read?
JM.  Instagram has destroyed any blog viewing time for me, but if I do tune into the world wide web, I usually click on an Ambitious Project CollapsingA Continuous LeanQuiksilver Women’s Tumblr,Reference LibraryThe Satorialist (I’m guilty), Them Thangs (when he updates it), VSTRThe Selby,Haw-linand my blog bonfirebeachkids(also, my instagram handle…hint, hint)


MA. JJJJound is my only true go to.  The rest is random surfing.  And John has basically convinced me to convert to Instagram too.


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