Because we believe in providing the whole package "The Black Angels Giveaway" has got you hooked up from all angles. It started with this sponsored show we are putting on at House Of Blues San Diego with The Black Angels on October 17th. Then we decided we should probably give away some free tickets, and some RAEN shades because that’s what we do. And then we liked this giveaway so much we went a little ham and added in a Fender Guitar and The Black Angels new album DEATH SONG on vinyl. Sounds good? We thought so.

**Date:** 10/17/2017

**Doors Open:** 7:00 PM

**Prices:** $25.00 - $50.00

**Artists At This Event: ** The Black Angels on Instagramand Ron Gallo

Enter below to win and check your email for updates. But, really we’re hoping to see you at the show, whether or not you win. We’re all winners in that way. Later.

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