20 year old French artist Margaux Arramon is the mastermind behind these pieces and we were pumped when Kassia Meador set up the introduction. When we asked Margaux to share a little background about herself we initially intended to run through our copy editor to organize the details but after receiving her almost poetic description we thought we’d leave it untouched.


In Margaux’s own words…

“I am a  20 year-old French human. I spend my time traveling, surfing and painting. I grew up in Biarritz, France in front of the ocean, and in my mom’s arty workshop. I still live there half part of the year. People inspire my soul and I travel to feed my mind in the sea and on earth. I am close to nature and passionate with all that humans have to share at their purest state. I am thankful to have two hands and observing eyes with which I can create with no limitations. Clear soul, balance and grace are my major words.”


Keep track of Margaux’s travels and work by visiting her b l o g


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