ABOVE ELSE is the combined work of Woody Gooch and Quinn Matthews. The pair’s first book documents their travel through Nepal in late 2016, the release is limited to 333 with exhibitions in Los Angeles and Tokyo. A study of the culture and environment the photographs display a true yet obscyred view upon their time. The book builds from the congested city up the isolated, godly Himilaya. Click right to see a quick sneak peek of their adventure.

“Some power behind silence. But not behind, it is not an addition, silence is powerful. Silence is humbling. True silence is bizarre. In the best way. Not soley an envirnomental factor, true silence in regard to internally. Surreal state. On that cliff we stood suspended in silence. It is not in or and silence. Silence is an absence of self –an absence of else. Removed and intangible. Intangible to else. We stood silent. Away from what was not. Whatever noise we may have made –our screams did not have a sound, have an impact. There was no weight. It happened when we transcended the coulds. Clouds are to be looked up at; they do not carry weight. We looked down at the clouds now. A state of weightlessness. Suddenly the clouds carried weight, carried momentum. Carving through the mountains. Only they could impact the moment. Only them, now.

The weightless –heavy.

The heavy or hard –absent.

Isolated and absent ”

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