With the dawn of 2015 also came the curse of the Californian winter, also known as the "New Year flat spell". And now just a few days out of the SoCal bog we bring you a ray of light, a flashback to one of the best summers that California has ever experienced. #ThroughTheEyes of Bryce Lowe-White.

It was the end of August and we were riding out the tail end of a glorious woman that goes by the name of Marie, Hurricane Marie to be exact. And boy was she a pretty woman. As it happens every year, the last days of summer end up calling for impromptu decisions, minimal judgment, and a fuck-it mentality. You just get in the car and go - no questions asked, not a worry in the world, just go, and with a smile on your face at that. So that’s exactly what RAEN ambassadors Alex Knost and Ellis Ericson did. They loaded up their hoards of boards and jammed up the 101 to Los Angeles’ prized possession, Malibu, for a late summer’s day in the sun.

Lo and behold, the familiar face of fellow RAEN ambassador Dane Peterson would be waiting at The Wall to greet them. Funny thing is, Dane and his lady had been bitten by the fuck-it bug as well and would have been hanging at the ‘Bu regardless. While the boys weren’t greeted by the voluptuous curves of the great Marie, they were blessed with fun sized waves that were perfect for sliding, gliding, and noseriding their eclectic board collection. And as fate would have it, the group of ‘em ended up spending one of the final days of a divine California summer doing exactly what one should be doing, enjoying quality time with friends.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

Words by Garrett James


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