Favorite shades to put on? The tripped out Fairbanks i worked on with you guys!


 All the places in the world, why Venice?

It’s close to the airport, close to my family and where i grew up, good food, you can walk just about anywhere and everywhere and there is a lot going on all the time easy place to stay inspired or find some inspiration….


 Favorite wave to surf? The left i just surfed yesterday in bali……so freaking perfect.


Currently listening to? At this moment exactly, old school bob marley rock steady vibes pumping through the stereo of this little cafe I’m at in Bali.


What do you miss the most when traveling? My man, my dog and my juicer!


Favorite place to eat at home? HOME!


Describe your style? Cozy.


First three words that pop into your head…go! It’s hot out!

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